Summer, 20, DE.
Every day should feel this good.
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  • So, I texted my roommate telling her how I’m going to start killing people because the dirty dishes situation is ridiculous.  And how we have ants because no one knows how to clean the fuck up.  Instead of texting me back, she send a group message to me and our other roommate saying how we need to start doing dishes, split the cost of any spray/traps, blah blah blah.

    NO.  I’M NOT EVEN A PART OF THAT EQUATION.  I clean up after myself.  That mess is not mine.  Hence, I’m not cleaning it.


    Today’s beach/study essentials ☀️☀️☀️ @kokohbikini bikini I’ve been dying to wear for weeks! It’s super bright, vibrant and quite a cool design (I’ll grab some shots later)! @boutiquebybel overthrow dress ☀️ my English book I’m determined to finish before the sun goes down! ☀️ And of course some fresh fuel: bananas and lemon water ☀️ Now off to burry myself in sun, sand, the sea and this book ☀️

    (via atlanticoast)

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